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Gnomes Pattern

Felted Gnomes

This is a basic pattern for my easy made felted gnomes.
I use 3-thread 100% wool yarn and a 6 m m cirkular needle.

Cast on between 21-26 stitches depending on width of body base.

The gnomes body is in stockinette stitch (St st)
Knit 2 rows stockinette stitch (St st) In 3 row: ( pick up 1 st, k1) Repeat () the entire row.
Knit between 8 and 20 rows, depending on how big you want the gnome to be.

Now you shall decrease the body before knitting the head.
Count stitches, and decrease like this:
1. decrease 8 st even on row
2. decrease 8 st even on row
3. You now decrease the remaining stitches untill you get the same amount as you casted on.

Change to the color you want for the face, and knit one row stockinette stitch.
Then you are going to increase like this:.
k1, (pick up 1 st, k2) Repeat () the entire row.
Or if you want a bigger head, increase like this:( k1, pick up ) Repeat () the entire row
Knit 2-3 row stockinette stitch
The nose is knit out from one of the stiches in front of the head.
Knit 9 st in one stich.
Knit 3 rows stockinett stich in these 9 st.
decrease on right side. (Sl st, K2tog, pass slipped stitch) repeat 3, you have 3 st, turn , Sl st, K2tog, pass slipped stitch. Now you have 1 st.
Keep knitting right side row.
Then knit 2-3 row stocinett stich on the head.
The hat is different for each gnome.
It is knitted in garter stich.
I decrease 4 stich every 2-4 row, depending on hatsize. When it is 2-6 stiches left I cast off.
Edge of hat:
Pick up stiches in the first garter row on the right side, and knit 2-3 row garter stitch. (cast off)

Tighten the threads on the inside and check for gaps. If gap you have to stich the gap.
I am felting in machine at 40C short program.
The felting texture will depend on make of yarn and machine
It is crucial to stretch and widen out the bodies when the wool is still moist.
If the gnomes are meant to have hair or beard I suggest you do the hair and beard separately by hand to avoid it being too entangled and lumpy.
Personally I prefer to make details like hair, eyes, ears and hands with needlefelting. Thus each Gnome gets a unique appereance. Prefab eyes can be glued on to the gnomes after stuffing it with polyesterfibres (Non flammable material)

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